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Winter Hints & Tips Guide

Winter is on its way and the onset of the cold weather is likely to bring with it the usual problems for you and your home.

Follow the link below for some practical advice for some of the most common issues.

Winter Hints & Tips Guide


Help us to reach our goal of £500 for Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice Coventry

We received a lovely letter from Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice Coventry thanking us for raising £334.73 at the Landlord & Letting Show. Please help us reach our goal of £500 for this wonderful charity – please donate at & forward to your friends!

Automatic enrolment into a workplace pension scheme has begun… have you assessed the impact?

Inadequate saving for pensions has been commonplace for some time, and is particularly widespread amongst the lower paid. To counter this, the Government introduced ‘The Pensions Act 2008’, which places a legal duty upon every employer to automatically enrol eligible jobholders into a qualifying work based pension scheme.

The eligibility criteria are age and salary related, with the Act applying to anyone aged between 22 and state pension age earning at least £8,105 per annum and working in the UK.

Both the employer and employee will be required to maintain a minimum level of pension contribution, and to assist with the cost implications. These contributions can be phased in over a number of years. Using an employer’s PAYE reference and total number of employees as at 1 April 2012, The Pensions Regulator has determined a number of staging dates, at which time an employer will be required to comply with this legislation.

Larger employers started their auto enrolment duties on 1 October 2012, and, although smaller employers will not be required to comply for some time, reviewing The Pension Regulator’s ‘Seven Steps’ is essential. Whether you are an employer or an employee our consultants can provide detailed auto enrolment guidance and support.

7 Steps Diagram

Buying Insurance Online

The typical experience for landlords and tenants when buying insurance has changed considerably over the last two decades.

Insurance Broker offices had a ‘shop front’ for the policyholder to visit the office. A member of staff would provide a quote, confirm cover with a letter, and take the payment over the counter. Documentation would usually follow within the next month.

The emergence of direct providers and aggregators advertising financial savings from the late 1980’s in call centres and late 1990’s online (particularly with motor insurance) changed the way people bought insurance. General insurance products are now bought more often over the telephone or online although those with more complex requirements will always need to speak to a broker.

Brokers adapted in various ways, some leaving the motor insurance market altogether, or by offering niche products that required a more bespoke service,

There can be pitfalls in buying online when price is the main factor. Clients can often miss out because they may not understand the differences in cover for that cost saving. It may work out more expensive in the end. You need to make sure that you understand the covers you are buying, and more important – the ones you are opting not to purchase. In addition, if you don’t read the small print carefully, you may be paying a higher excess than expected.

NW Brown Insurance Brokers are innovative at providing insurance products for the needs of our clients including tenants, landlords and listed building insurance.

Our Tenant’s Insurance policy offers very flexible options for the specific needs of assured shorthold tenants who can buy a basic insurance package that covers them if they accidentally damage their landlord’s contents, fixtures and fittings, This can help protect a tenant’s hard earned deposit. The policy has a low excess of £100 for each and every claim. The tenant can add their own contents to the policy, including bicycles, laptops, freezer contents and specify items on their policy. The website makes it easy for tenants to buy cover to suit their own specific requirements. Premiums are very competitive!

We regularly conduct research to ensure that we remain competitive for the cover we provide. A recent review looking at competitors’ tenants insurance showed that whilst customers could purchase for their own contents, they were unable to buy cover to protect them if they damaged their landlord’s contents, fixtures and fittings from most providers, even with an offline request by telephone to check.

We launched our tenants insurance website in 2011 which is proving to be very popular. We work with Managing Agents who introduce their tenants to us by directing them to our website at .

It is simple and easy to use, offering flexible cover from as little as £60.00*. The tenant logs on, selects their agent, chooses the cover to suit them and buys the cover online.

Tenants with increased pressures on their time can log on for a quote anytime with 24/7 access, documents arrive in an instant electronically, and their agent receives confirmation that they have cover in place for the Accidental Damage to Landlords Contents, Fixtures and Fittings.

In 2012 we started using QR (Quick Response) codes on all our leaflets to help direct Smartphone users to our website. With most people now owning a Smartphone and the number continuing to grow, QR codes have the potential to make a huge impact on buying habits in the future. At present approximately 10% of the visitors to our website use a mobile or tablet device.

Technology does not replace people, but it enables our experts to be accessible when you need them.

The Base Package provides £3,000 Accidental Damage to Landlords Contents, Fixtures and Fittings and £2M Personal Liability cover for £60.00. £100 excess & other terms and conditions apply.*

Additional cover can be purchased at additional cost.

*Correct at November 2012

If you would like to know more about our tenant’s insurance please call 01223 720350 or visit